MBFW RUSSIA/ October 21, 2017 / Moscow. Day one

Belugin Pavel

Belugin Pavel

On October 21 Moscow saw the start of the 35th season of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia. 70 shows and presentations, in which will take part 120 designers from Russia, Georgia and Kazakhstan, new names and traditional participants attended the Russian Fashion Week. 2 runways and the square before the Manege Central Exhibition Hall that was turned into an alternative platform for the street stylers coming from different countries.

Folk artistic crafts, casual by SLAVA ZAITSEV and Few Halfs by Olga Buzova. What were the other highlights to remember from the first day of MBFW Russia?

The new season of MBFW Russia was inaugurated by an artistic crafts show called Linen and Lacework with Support of the Russia’s Ministry of Industry and Trade. 19 Russian folk artistic crafts entities, among which were Krestetskaya Strochka factory, Vologda lacework factory and Tarusa artistic embroidery factory, manufacturers such as Yelets Lace Folk Craft, Karelskie Uzory, Gorodetskaya Zolotnaya Vyshivka, Shuya garment factory and others presented their traditional linen collections for the summer season. Among the guests of the show was Gulnaz Kadyrova, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade.

Linen suits and maxiskirts were harmonically combined with long shirts embroidered in colorful ornaments; cotton tunics and dresses with sky blue inserts were enhanced by light elegant mantles, handwoven lacework collars, as well as finest feather and red linen jackets. The garments are manufactured using different embroidery techniques, appliqué and separate artistic crafts patterns used in accessories, such as Pavlovoposadsk kerchiefs, cordovan embroidery wash-leather purse, Zhostovo mother-of-pearl earrings and handwoven Gorodetsk kerchiefs. The models’ hair styles were decorated with white lacework ribbons, and the high point of the catwalk show was the heavy cotton wedding dress and bridal veiling by Vologda lacework factory.
The project started the massive program designed to implement artistic crafts patterns in the field of fashion.
PHOTOS: https://yadi.sk/d/pdYP-KZE3NxeqX

Kids Fashion Festival. Alta Costura collective show. Blue Jasmine
6 Spanish brands presented their Spring/Summer 2018 kids collections as part of the Alta Costura collective runway show.
Querida Philippa showcased clothes for the youngest of audiences. A combination of light pink, light blue and white together with Champagne-colored fast-printed fabric made it possible to create a look of true doll dresses for girls, while the stylish accessories (glitter shoes, ballet flats and hairstyles adorned with bright flowers) made the collection trendy and modern.
Teresita Royal’s designers not only created a line of party dresses for girls, but also a set of classic suit variants comprised by a Basque top and narrowed pants. Boys’ runway appearance showcased two-piece outfits and natural colored linen shirts. Flowers were the unifying theme of the collection, as girls wore bright wreaths and boys had lavalier flowers.
Rigans artists upheld the trend to combine cold and warm shades in one look. Besides, in some of their elements collections feature ruched and flounce sleeves and bottoms as well as fast-printed cloth with roses.
Mon Air models were remembered with their vibrant accessories: Dreamcatchers, turbans with feathers, a flower-themed guitar and headbands contrasting simplistic and elegant dresses.
All looks of the Foque show featured a single rustic style of province with abundance of natural fabrics, frills and ribbons in plat hairstyle, as well as woven baskets carried by the models.
Carmen Taberner designers chose fabrics of metallic shades with a tinge of beige network and bands with powdery roses and woven accessories (purses, clutches, a flat hat).
PHOTOS: https://yadi.sk/d/pdYP-KZE3NxeqX
As part of the BLUE JASMINE show more than 60 kids and teenage looks were presented. Abundance of colors from vibrant blue and yellow to light cream and powdery shades were neutralized by golden and neon paillette embroidered clothing, spacious dresses and intensive black sets. The looks were complimented with wreaths, elegant hats and ball-shaped handbags.
PHOTOS: https://yadi.sk/d/UrNyqmau3NxewZ
AS part of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection Vyacheslav Zaytsev came up with a comprehensive women’s wardrobe set for two seasons, from long bell bottomed coats for cold spring to light silk blouses with summer appliqué. The fans of the fashion house could trace how colors in the artist’s creations evolved, as white, checkerboard coloring and red-and-white spots were added to the equal combination of black and red, while laconic blends of emerald and blue gradually contrasted the basic collection colors.
Traditionally, Vyacheslav Zaytsev enhanced every look with headwear. The collection features a lot of hats that come in different shapes, colors and sizes. An interesting detail is that the multicolored thick stockings were ideally in line with the footwear color, which visually made models’ legs look longer and created an effect of blending between clothing and footwear.
Men’s looks also surprised with the abundance of headwear and neck scarves. Each set has at least one garment made of jacquard fabric. In special cases the material was also used in total looks. One of a single-color two-piece suits pale pink velvet is used, which is a new trend of the coming season. As a tribute to fashion, an evening gown fully covered with paillettes and over-the-knee boots were showcased. Vyacheslav Zaytsev also presented wedding looks decorated with handwork embroidery.
PHOTOS: https://yadi.sk/d/UrNyqmau3NxewZ
Kazakhstan Fashion Week presents
Another collective show during the first day of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.
Fashion designer Alena Polyanskaya, decided to tell the event’s guests more about Astana, Alena’s native city, rather telling about Italy where she had achieved her first success. Runway models with flip flops and plaits performed a scene from the life in the Spanish region of Andalusia.
Andalusia Kiss collection brings the atmosphere of the Spanish South: sienna walls, lush vegetation and hot weather are reflected in the basic colors of the line, which are mustard, wine-red and all shades of blue. Smooth lines underline the beauty of the silhouette of a woman. The looks were complimented with plats with kanekalon fabrics and bright matte lipsticks that create the mood for an evening party and vibrant summer fairs.
AzAli presented its first show. The guys are still hard to be found on the Internet and social media, yet in Kazakhstan their denim collection has already been a success.
In the new season AzAli decided to combine functionality, style and luxury. Instead of using ‘screaming’ colors, fit-to-everything shades of blue and beige were applied. A light combination with paillette top, shortened pants with transparent organza blouse as well culottes with oversize shirts could be noted. The line is designed for the modern, self-assured young women who are fond of fashion experiments.
DiSiitova’s offer for the new season is to forget about the bright colors. The collection is dominated by beige, white and black shades, as well as the simplicity of lines and the absence of pretentiousness. DiSiitova makes clothes that are ideal for day-to-day use.
That collection takes you from the city bustle to the warm tropical setting. Bright yellow body with elongated tail is supposed to be combined with red over-the-knee boots, while green shorts are to be matched to a grey t-shirt featuring tropical palms print. Also natural fabrics like linen, cotton, chiffon and knitted materials are used. UIN came up with a clothing line with which one can no longer be afraid of being too bright in the concrete setting of a modern city.
PHOTOS: https://yadi.sk/d/pdYP-KZE3NxeqX
Atelier B by Gala B. Mercedes-Benz Presents
Designers and stylists of Atelier B by Gala B. showcased a new collection of Atelier B by Gala B. Mercedes-Benz Presents.

This year Gala Borzova and Ksenia Podvalnaya participated in a new social project by MBFW Russia and the Russian Ministry of Healthcare called Russian Designers Against AIDS. A red look inaugurated the fashion show.
With their collection they decided to create a look of a young femme-fatal that lives according to the «here and now» principle, she loves travelling, doesn’t stay for long in one place, she is not afraid of experiments and is always open for new ideas.
Paillette decorated body, abundance of lacework bras and tights, bright fur jackets and skirts of feathers – all of that is about her, the 21st century girl. The color palette brings together a combination of pale pink, purple, golden and black shades. Transparent cape with a peacock print matches a blue body completely shaped by colorful paillettes and totally changes all standards of beachwear fashion. Moreover, a super trend of this should be noted, which is monochrome make-up and Aviator style transparent glasses. The look is finished by careless sea curls in horsetail hairstyle.
Bella Potemkina .
The main star was Olga Buzova. TV host, model, actress and now a singer, she opened the show with her new tune translated as You Are Not In a Hit Parade of My Thoughts. A mix of Buzova’s songs enhanced the show as its soundtrack with the highest point of the event marked by Under the Sounds of Kisses. And yes, the entire audience sang along.
The collection presents clothes that are most likely to become the leading trends of the upcoming year featuring velvet, starry and flower prints, shortened stocking boots and bright red coloring. A red belt, pockets, collar and boots ideally emphasize the camel-color coat. Most of the looks feature nets as their decoration, as it can be seen in the bottoms of the dresses and as a voluptuous applique on the shoulder line.
Another highlight is the rose print against a black background that comes as another constant of the collection. Dress made from that fabric was showcased not only by one of the most famous Russian bloggers, Maryana Rozhkova, but Bella Potemkina herself. At the end of the event the catwalk saw an appearance by the show’s headliner, TV host and singer Olga Buzova.

Julia Dilua
Julia Dilua’s fur fashion house presented Hollywood Temptation collection. The designer was inspired by her summer vacation in Los Angeles where she spent several weeks close to the super stars, their stylists and designers, so no wonder the runway show turned into a full-scale movie set with cameras everywhere and the mood set with Sinatra’s hits. The catwalk show was aligned with the atmosphere – the runway has never seen such sparkling-wine-glass-in-your-hand walks before.
Fur coats, jackets, muffs, cloaks of bobcat, fox and stoat fur, dresses decorated with precious stones and diamonds, as well as curls and bright lipstick remind us of Hollywood’s Golden Age telling that «Life is a movie that stars a young girl dressed in Julia Dilua’s clothing.»
PHOTOS: https://yadi.sk/d/UrNyqmau3NxewZ
Tinatin Magalashvili & Ekaterine Buzaladze
Spring/Summer 2018 collection by Tinatin Magalashvili is styled with three colors: red and black chiffon dresses of different length surprise with asymmetrical bottoms, net tops with applique and V-shape neckline. Among accessories are laconic waterfall earrings and shoes matching main clothing colors.
Ekaterine Buzaladze collection smoothly adds to a daily wardrobe set with its eco-leather jackets and suites, flat foot over-the-knee boots, regular fit suit jackets and coats. Sport chic dominates the collection with oversize and Russian market’s favorite black color. The final walk featured the artist’s dress with a net floor-length skirt decorated with flower applique over the corset.
PHOTOS: https://yadi.sk/d/pdYP-KZE3NxeqX

The title partner of the Fashion Week is Mercedes-Benz.

MBFW Russia partners: IWC Schaffhausen (Official partner), L’Oréal Professionnel (Official Stylist), Mary Kay (Official Make-Up Artist), BORK (Official partner), glo (Official partner), DHL (Official logistics partner), Metropol (Official hotel), Laska (Official partner), the official HIV/AIDS prevention web of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare: O-spide.ru.

With support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and Department of Culture of Moscow.

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