Ralston Jover: «At first, I wanted to shoot a documentary»

Press conference report on Haze

Press conference report on Haze

June 28, 2016, a press conference was held devoted to the film Haze, taking part in the Main competition of the 38-th Moscow International Film Festival. The film-maker Ralston Jover met the journalists there.

Haze is the first film directed by Ralston Jover, and it tells a story of juvenile offenders from Philippines. At first, the film-maker wanted to shoot a documentary about street crimes committed by kids, but in the end his idea transformed into a theatre film. “My interest was provoked by a story of a Muslim boy taking care of his Christian friend”, the film-maker told. “I went to a problem district of Manulla, where the poor live, and I was amazed to see that despite all the crimes these kids commit, there is still place for kind human relations in their families. My film is based on their stories”, he said in the end.

The problem of juvenile delinquency in Philippines is severe and challenging. “When I was working on the documentary, kids under 16 weren’t brought to trial”, — Ralston Jover said. “If they committed a crime, they were sent for detention works and to social services, and then they just returned to their families, and all came the same way round. Now Philippines have the new government, which introduced criminal responsibility from the age of 9, but I’m afraid it is only going to make the things worse”.

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