Oblivious Memory

Oblivious Memory

A press conference dedicated to Oblivious Memory, a film competing in the main programme of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival, took place on June 28, 2016. The film was presented by the director Ruy Guerra and the second director Dandara Guerra.

The father and daughter have been working in this artistic family union for many years already. Dandara had previously participated in her father’s projects as an actress, but this time she took part in the making of the new film on the other side of the camera, assisting the director in dealing with all the organizational and technical issues.

Presenting his new film at the MIFF Ruy Guerra admitted that he had no fear of the audience. ‘I have an extended experience of working with international festivals,’ he said, ‘And I know that the festivals gather a special kind of audience, able to appreciate and criticize at the same time. But regardless of the audience, participating in a festival for me it is always both excitement and pleasure,’ he added.

The film’s plot is not biographical, and it does not seem fantastic of crazy to the director. ‘I am a bit crazy, too, so the characters of the film seem pretty normal to me,’ said Ruy Guerra, ‘Actually, I recommend you not to think about it and just watch the film.’

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