Report about the Press Conference Devoted to Film Daughter



Press conference on the film Daughter that competes in main competition of the 38th Moscow International Film Festival took place on 25 June 2015. Reza Mirkarimi, the director, presented his film. Back in 2008 he already won the best film award at the 30th MIFF. In 2016 film director takes part in the competition for the second time.

The leading female part in the film is performed by the student of acting department, for her it was the first acting experience in the film. Before Reza Mirkarimi found the right actress for the role, he had gone through a large number of CVs and had conducted casting with over 500 candidates. Main character’s father was played by an accomplished Iranian actor, thus, it was quite a challenge for a film director to create smooth interaction between two people with completely different acting experience at the movie set.

Film director emphasizes that the issues of women’s rights shall be raised to restore equity in Iranian society where women’s interests are frequently disregarded. However, as film director points out the film could be easily called the Father, because a great deal of attention is paid to family interaction. ‘I love films with simple stories because they always hide behind important issues,’ comments film director, ‘apart from the issue of father-daughter relations, I certainly wanted to dwell on the global issue: the problem of understanding in the society.’

Reza Mirkarimi acknowledged that he had seen the script for the first time five years ago but it had not inspired him back then. Last year he re-read it and decided to launch the film. ‘Though I was surprised by my own response, I realized that something had changed in my life in those 3-4 years: my daughter has grown up, for instance, and that explains a lot,’ said the film director. This is exactly why father’s character was so significant for Reza Mirkarimi, while the principal task was to elaborate on the role of the main character and follow up the changes he undergoes through the film.

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